Amity Mediation Workshop

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Offers "Family Dynamics Mediation", which re-calibrates communication among family members in a way that restores amity in your home. An alternative to family counseling and therapy, which often focuses on how events of the past impact the present, Family Dynamics Mediation is a practical approach for families who want to address current issues, improve relationships among family members, and move forward. Our approach is often useful for otherwise, well-functioning families who experience conflict due to typical family life issues and for those families who experience (or are anticipating) a more significant disruption or change in their lives. Family Dynamics Mediation can make your house feel like home again.

Address: 1394 County Rd 283 S, Santa Rosa Beach, FL, 32459

Phone: 850-460-1590


Russell Youngblood Counseling Services

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Russell Youngblood Counseling Services offers compassionate counseling and therapy for individuals, marriages, or families in the Fort Walton Beach area. Our counseling services are here to relieve your stress and help you position your life’s dynamics to better suit you.

Address: 906 Mar Walt Dr, Fort Walton Beach, FL, 32547

Phone: (850) 863-3925