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Coolest Way to Get Close to Dolphins

Dolphin Splash Encounter

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Enter the dolphins’ world for an unforgettable experience as you get up close and personal with these sleek and graceful animals. Ever wondered what a dolphin feels like? This in water experience allows you to meet, play, touch, interact and learn about Atlantic bottlenose dolphins alongside a Gulfarium trainer.

If you're 8 years or older, this amazing experience is for you. The Dolphin Splash encounter is a wade program and takes place in shallow water, about 3 feet deep, so even those who cannot swim can take part!

Guests will want to come back again and again as no two Dolphin Splash encounters will be exactly the same. The behaviors experienced in each encounter are different in order to incorporate variety for the animals. The program may include feeding and giving various behavior signals while interacting with the dolphins. Who knows, you may even meet a different dolphin the next time you visit!

You'll take home a souvenir towel and one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime!

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park is dedicated to educating, entertaining, and inspiring their guests to respect and preserve wildlife by providing unique and memorable experiences for visitors to connect with marine life. Through programs like the Dolphin Splash Encounter, you will experience the way these animals live in their day to day lives and how important it is to maintain their ecosystem.

Cool Factors: Touching a dolphin up close! Interact and play with the dolphins. Communicate with dolphins. Take home swag.

Dolphin Splash Encounter

Gulfarium Marine Adventure Park

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