Camp Timpoochee

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Programs at Camp Timpoochee 4-H camp bring science to life in this living laboratory, with the forest and bay providing classrooms for hands-on learning. The marine lab houses a number of 50-250 gallon aquariums with examples of fresh and bay life. Marine education workshops for teachers, as well as marine camps for youth, are held each year.

Programs are designed to give participants an opportunity to learn while seining, cast netting, fishing, or snorkeling. Enjoy the bay while kayaking, or take a leisurely ride on our 28-foot pontoon boat. Trained staff will customize any program to your needs. Camp Timpoochee’s open air classroom provides a unique opportunity to learn about our ecosystem and how we interact with our natural environment.

Address: 4275 Timpoochee Lane, Niceville, FL, 32578

Phone: (850) 897-2224