Coolest Place to Eat Clean

Formula Fresh

4307 Legendary Drive


Formula Fresh is easily our favorite healthy obsession! Walk into this superfood bar and you will always be greeted by smiling faces, the aroma of essential oils, and fresh vibes.  It has quickly become a top pick for meetings, hangouts, work, and even food on the go! Formula Fresh is on a mission to provide “healthy, delicious, and convenient nutrition” to locals and visitors alike and specifically caters to those seeking healthier food options.  One unique aspect about Formula Fresh is their dedication to...well,  keeping things fresh! In fact, every juice, smoothie, toast, protein bite, and acai bowl is made with whole ingredients daily right in their kitchen. Everything is wildly delicious and will leave you feeling fit and energized! Formula Fresh leaves its visitors with a taste of bliss.

Cool Factors:  Fresh juices made daily, inviting environment, options for juice cleanses and dietary supplements