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Coolest Cooler than Cool – We’re talking Sub Zero! 


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You won’t find a cooler experience anywhere on the Emerald Coast than CRYO850! And when we say cool, we are talking -154 degrees. That’s over 50 degrees lower than the lowest temperature recorded in the North Pole! Even Santa doesn’t get this cold! 

So what’s all the fuss about? It’s called Whole Body Cryotherapy. Based on the age-old concept of using extremely cold temperatures to rejuvenate and reset the body (dips in the snow, polar plunges, ice baths), whole body cryotherapy offers the same benefits in a safe and efficient manner. Originally developed in 1972 to treat arthritis, cryotherapy in the United States has evolved from the original nitrogen buckets to the advanced electric, nitrogen-free chambers, and CRYO850 is the only facility in North Florida to offer this state-of-the-art technology! The chamber is affectionately named The Emerald Coast Igloo and was painted by local artist, Joey Canton, to add a little fun to the experience. Selfies required!  

Why Cryo?  When the body’s surface temperature drops by 35-40 degrees, blood leaves the extremities and rushes to the core. The process takes only 2-3 minutes. Afterwards, highly oxygenated blood returns to the extremities and the brain, providing enriched nutrients and enzymes to expedite the body’s natural healing processes. This cellular rejuvenation means a stronger immune system and tighter and more youthful-looking skin. The increased endorphins and adrenaline increase energy, balance mood and mental focus and lead to better sleep (moms of local teenagers say their kids are MUCH nicer after Cryo!). The process also flushes toxins after a workout and serves as a natural anesthesia for pain and inflammation management.

What else is there? In addition to Whole Body Cryotherapy, customers can use Localized Cryotherapy for spot treatments, red light therapy, or hang out in the NormaTec Lounge for relaxation and compression therapy. Massage therapists and Active Recovery Coaches are also on staff. For skin care, visit the on-staff aesthetician for an exclusive Pagani Cryo Facial, Skin Rejuvenation or Body Contouring service.   

Who visits? Some customers visit CRYO850 to manage aches and pains and some to manage mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. Athletes visit to expedite recovery and increase performance. Some customers focus on skin and anti-aging. From ages 9–83, all are focused on better health! 

Cool Factors: The subzero experience, Multitude of health benefits


4495 Furling Ln

Destin, FL

(850) 279-4145

Coolest Way to Stretch

Massage Envy

Destin (850) 650-8500

Fort Walton Beach (850) 301-2000

Panama City Beach (850) 563-0070


We all know and love Massage Envy, but now we love them for a whole new reason. While massage, in and of itself, is incredibly powerful, Massage Envy has added Streto Therapy, a new method that adds a deeper level of treatment to the experience.

Streto Therapy combines fifteen years of experience working with the human body with the most current medical research to provide relief in a different but tried-and-true manner. By increasing mobility, flexibility and blood circulation, this new method of treatment allows for the body’s natural healing abilities to be even more effective. It aims to release the build-up of tension by stretching your body in a streamlined fashion, starting at the neck and working downwards.

From bad postures to holding in emotions and increased technology usage, our muscles bundle and tighten, creating pain that sometimes can’t be fixed by a standard massage. While stretching is good for you to do on your own, assisted stretching is even better and can intensify the results. The therapy was developed by a chiropractor, a massage therapist and an ergonomist in an effort to create a treatment format that would help people get back to living their lives to the fullest. This combination of physical therapy and massage is ideal if you’re experiencing pain or stiffness and helps to prevent future occurrences and avoid injury.

If you think about the years of damage we’ve done to our bodies just by existing, it doesn’t take any convincing to be sure that this is a therapy style that everyone should try. It’s the perfect complement to other treatments you may be using to bring your body to whole health and wellness. Like many therapies, this process works alongside other therapies to maintain and solidify those results, so you don’t have to be afraid to add Streto to your routine. You have the option of receiving the Total Body Stretch as a stand-alone service or you can add it on to one of the many massage options that Massage Envy offers. With locations in both Fort Walton Beach and Destin, it’s also convenient!

Cool Factors: Stretching for health, pain relief, long-lasting results


Coolest Place to Eat Clean

Formula Fresh

4307 Legendary Drive


Formula Fresh is easily our favorite healthy obsession! Walk into this superfood bar and you will always be greeted by smiling faces, the aroma of essential oils, and fresh vibes.  It has quickly become a top pick for meetings, hangouts, work, and even food on the go! Formula Fresh is on a mission to provide “healthy, delicious, and convenient nutrition” to locals and visitors alike and specifically caters to those seeking healthier food options.  One unique aspect about Formula Fresh is their dedication to...well,  keeping things fresh! In fact, every juice, smoothie, toast, protein bite, and acai bowl is made with whole ingredients daily right in their kitchen. Everything is wildly delicious and will leave you feeling fit and energized! Formula Fresh leaves its visitors with a taste of bliss.

Cool Factors:  Fresh juices made daily, inviting environment, options for juice cleanses and dietary supplements