Family Fun Destin

Coolest Things to Build

Beach Sand Sculptures


Have you ever strolled down the beach and noticed a particularly excellent sandcastle? Have you ever wanted to be able to build a colosseum out of sand or construct a castle fit for a king? Well now you can, thanks to sand sculptors Rick and Capri Mungeam.

Rick and Capri offer sandcastle lessons from Okaloosa Island all along the beaches to South Walton and scenic highway 30A. They have hired and trained more than 25 sand castle coaches who “create memories in the sand” with families and groups with award-winning sand castle lessons. They believe that sand castle lessons are so much more than learning impressive building techniques; they also give families the opportunity to experience quality time and make memories together, which is priceless. 

Sand castles also make for a great birthday party or team-building activity. What a unique way to ask your special someone, “Will you marry me?” or “sandvertise” your corporate logo.

Sandcastles do wash away eventually, but the memories making and enjoying them last forever. 

Cool factors: Quality family time activity, Toes in the sand, Unique

Beach Sand Sculptures

Santa Rosa Beach, FL


Coolest Place to Summer it Up

Crab Island

Choctawhatchee Bay by Destin Bridge


No address on land for this Coolest on the Coast spot! Crab Island is located a little ways out from Harborwalk Village, north of the Destin bridge in the middle of the water bayside.


Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 2.12.34 PM.png

If you’re a visitor to the Emerald Coast, you have probably heard of this unique spot. You might even have already seen it while crossing over the bridge coming into Destin from Okaloosa Island. Thanks to its widespread publicity in all forms of media, Crab Island is a famous landmark, or should we say watermark?  Both tourists and locals alike enjoy taking family and friends out to this summertime destination. 

 An underwater sandbar formed after Hurricane Eloise in the 70s, and locals quickly discovered that this is a great place to go. Crab Island got its name from the shape of the island. The sea averages two to four feet deep throughout, and on an average summer day (especially at high tide), it is sparkling and crystal clear. What started off as a nice little spot to dock your boat to swim with marine life up close has now become a hot spot for everyone to gather.

 Crab Island is only accessible by boat, paddle board, or kayak. You can also take one of the water taxis there. Once there, you can find people galore, food and drinks, inflatable water parks, bands, movies and more. It’s a regular gathering spot for locals but they welcome all.  If you’re going as a family, know that the center tends to be more for a party crowd with its bars and bands, while the outskirts tend to be more for families with activities.

Head on out to this top destination On the Coast, and get ready for a day full of adventure, fun, and a whole lot of water.

Cool Factors:             Great place to meet up with your boating friends, Inflatable water parks for the kiddos, Everything you need to spend the day

Coolest Way to Catch a Wave

JetSurf Destin

10 Harbor Boulevard


(850) 900-7873

Yyyyeeewww!! Tyler and Tyler, the co-owners of Jetsurf Destin, are here to bring the waves to you with motorized surfboards! Originally invented in Czech Republic by a professional surfer, the JetSurf board can reach speeds up to 37 miles per hour. heard that right! In other words, right here in Destin Florida, YOU can carve, grind, and fly on this board at record speeds. Jetsurf is one of a kind, and, after seeing this sport on a YouTube video, the Tylers decided to quit their jobs and move down to the beach to be the first and one of the only to bring the board to America and offer it for rental.

Though Jetsurf can be a seriously competitive sport, anyone over the age of 14 can enjoy the easy-to-ride board.  From lessons to couples surf to stunt surfing, the Tylers have created an inviting environment for everyone to enjoy. JetSurf Destin offers a full experience for those who want to learn and ride or simply chill out on their boat and giant inflatable paddle board.  In other words, we can guarantee a phenomenal time whether you are ultra competitive or just along for the ride. Tyler and Tyler are enthusiastic and committed to making JetSurf Destin a highlight of your year. Born from a need to push the limits of conventional water sports, this company is new and thriving, and with the opportunity to try a brand new and rare sport right here on the Emerald Coast, how can we pass it up?

Cool Factors:  Bragging rights for riding the best and fastest motorized surfboard in the world, Tyler and Tyler, surf with no wave


Coolest Adrenaline Workout For Fitness Junkies

Aerial Workout1.jpg



Destin Pilates & Aerial Center

36150 Emerald Coast Parkway, Set 108

Destin, FL  32541


Always innovative and ahead of the curve, Susan Authement Dunnam of Destin Pilates and Aerial has been a pioneer on the Emerald Coast bringing fresh and exciting ways to keep in shape and have fun while doing it. Susan's entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to search and develop has never stopped since moving to Destin in Spring of 2009. Susan has the longest running  successful Pilates studio in Destin and was also the first to bring many health and wellness ( concepts) such as Ballet Barre , Aerial Hammock /Silks, The Rossiter Stretch System and now Bungee Jump Fitness to the area. 

" I have always been very active and body being raised in a tennis family and my father Vince was a very successfull, courageous and determined business man who taught me that nothing was impossible if you set your mind to it and work hard to achieve it. I live by the adage that we don't stop playing because be get old but we get old because we stop playing! I turn 55 this year and it in now way means I am slowing down because I am just getting started. I discovered the incredible conditioning system know as Pilates in 1995 by accident while living in Aspen, Co and I have never looked back. I am stronger and more flexible in my body now than I was in my 20s and that has allowed me to get creative in my workouts. We have a wide variety of classes I have created at the studio all designed for a variety of reasons. Last year I created The Restorative Pilates Stretch with essential oils to help people relax , slow down and go within themselves all while listening to Praise music.  This year I decided to create something completely different which is all the way on the other end of the spectrum, The Bungee Jump  Class. This class is a high octane and fast paced with 1970s and 1980s music cranked. All the classes that I have created have a common goal in mind. They all help you lose track of time and feel like a kid again." 

The Bungee Jump is an adrenaline rush class that start by warming up on  the Pilates Reformer ,a strengthening and stretching machine that is Pilates main piece of equipment. Then we go on to the Rebounder where we start getting the heart rate up and next to the Bungee Jump Harnesses. 

What to expect

Gravity Defying Workout

Adrenaline Rush Experience 

Rapid Fat Burning

Maximized Core Strengthening

Strength and Endurance Training

Flexibility And Balance Training

After we finish the Bungee part of class we move over to the Pilates Springboards for more strength trying and then we slow it down on the roam rollers for stretching.

These classes and private sessions have become very popular with our long time second home clients and with travelers since the closest Bungee classes are 7 hrs away.  I talk to the clients before hand to get harness sizes and then we discuss any details so I can customize the class for the best experience possible. I am a firm believer in the fact that Movement Heals and at Destin Pilates and Aerial we make sure of it!


Cool Factors: 

Gravity-defying workout, adrenaline rush experience, rapid fat burning, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance training