Family Fun Emerald Coast

Coolest Place to Jump

Just Jump

11220 Hutchinson Boulevard Panama City Beach


30,000 square feet of dedicated family fun (for all ages) awaits you at Just Jump Trampoline Park in Panama City Beach! Whether you’re a parent looking for a safe, fun and clean place for your kids to burn some energy or you just want a new and exciting way to get active, Jump Jump is an ideal location for you to do so. You’ll find a tumble track, two Soc-Air courts, dodgeball. basketball, a double trapeze, a Gladiator Pit, a Ninja Course and their oh-so- popular Air Bag within the walls of this epic play zone. There’s even a Kiddie Area for jumpers who are 6 and under with a huge play structure, separate trampolines, a foam pit, a climbing wall, and basketball goal! For only $15/per hour (per jumper), you can have full reign of the whole place. They offer group discounts! On Monday nights, they offer family time from 5-9pm – for just $30, a family of four can spend an hour playing and running all of that energy out. They do require grip socks, but sell them on premise if you need them!

This state-of-the-art facility is complete with a large open jump area, the latest technology and unique designs to captivate the attention of any visitor – even those who don’t wish to engage in the fun themselves. If you’re  supervising, you can treat yourself to a bout in their massage chairs or you can watch the fun from above on the mezzanine.

Not only is Just Jump a great option for the family, but it’s even better for parties. You can have the best birthday ever by letting them handle all of the details for you. They also have fantastic rates for school field trips, church groups, and group events of any size.

Cool Factors: 30,000 sq ft of fun, Subconscious Exercise, Endless Activities

Coolest Place to Race

The Track

1125 Highway 98 East


(850) 654-4668

Are you ready for fun and adventure this summer that the whole family can enjoy? The Track's signature ride -- The Wild Woody -- allows drivers to race up three and a half stories and then circle back down with an exciting drop at the bottom for a high-altitude driving experience. The Wild Woody features both single and double karts, and the great news is that even young children can join their parents on this ride. With a minimum height requirement for passengers of three feet tall, most three and four year olds are tall enough to ride The Wild Woody. Passengers that are between three feet tall and four feet, 9 inches tall ride for free.

If you have older children that are ready to take the wheel, then anyone that is four feet, 10 inches tall can drive a single kart. In order to drive a double kart, drivers must be at least 16 years old with a driver's license and four feet, 10 inches tall.

The Wild Woody is one of five go-kart tracks at The Track in Destin. For more information on all of the rides and height requirement, visit Be sure to follow The Track on social media for access to special sales throughout the year. One running currently is code: GOKARTS12

Cool Factors:  Great for ALL ages. Young kiddos between 3’ to 4’ 9” can ride FREE with a licensed driver 16 and up, 3 1/2 stories tall and fast.


Coolest Place to Get Your Viking On

Ratchet Hatchet

222 Miracle Strip Pkwy

Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548  

(850) 533-4014

While growing up in rural Indiana, handling weapons was a daily occurrence for young David Woodrow. It was normal for his dad to hand him a shotgun and tell him to go play. Fast forward to recently, after having just gotten out of the military, Woodrow’s frustration with small-time gigs, plans that were getting shaky and job options that just weren’t fulfilling, ultimately, led to the creation of Downtown Fort Walton Beach’s newest hangout, Ratchet Hatchet. As a self-proclaimed internet junkie, David said that he’d heard of the concept in passing before really taking it seriously. While perusing one day, he saw competitive ax throwing as a legitimate concept and knew it was right up his alley. He looked up schematics and proceeded to make up a range in his own backyard. It started simple enough. He took board game concepts and repurposed them to create games that involved the ax throwing. Before he knew it, he realized that people were in his backyard every weekend, which he doesn’t attribute to his personality. 

The success of something that he was doing just to have some fun now looked like something with more potential. He reached out to an acquaintance that he knew had more business smarts than he did. Enter Steven Garcia. Admittedly, Garcia didn’t get it at first, but David was determined to get his attention. Woodrow invited a group over for a round of play and instructed Garcia to watch the next patron’s face after his throw. When the ax hit the target dead-on, the young man completely lit up. Woodrow looked at Garcia and sold it by saying, “We wouldn’t be selling ax throwing. We’d be selling THAT.” In that moment, the spark was ignited and both parties began doing their research on to turn this concept into a real life thing. With the help of the Small Business Development Center, the belief of his friends and family, and a loan, they opened The Ratchet Hatchet and were immediately swamped by customers.

Now, you may be thinking that this sounds like a guy’s thing, but guess what? Their biggest repeat business is from women! David recounted an evening where a group of women (who happened to be 50s something divorcees) showed up and paid for FOUR hours straight without ever having experienced ax throwing. When he tried to make sure they were good to go, they admonished him, saying, “Listen, cutie. We’re here to drink and mess things up. We’re all set.” The rest of the ladies arrived – toting a wagon full of alcohol and photos of their ex-husbands! He said they were really bad at the throwing, but anytime one of them stuck a throw, someone would yell out “WARRIOR PRINCESS!” Certainly, a very memorable experience for him, but I bet it was even more so for those women who got some of that pent up rage out of their systems!

While you’re welcome to walk in and play at one of their 8 private ranges, you may want to call ahead or book online to make sure there’s plenty of room for you and your group. If you’re interested in a unique form of competition, there is a 40 bracket league competition beginning in August. It’s only $100 to buy in and the grand prize is a thousand dollars! Go check it out and make sure you tell them On the Coast Magazine sent you!

Cool Factors: Unique way to release energy, relaxed environment that allows for outside food and drink, veteran owned, great fun


Coolest Adrenaline Workout For Fitness Junkies

Aerial Workout1.jpg



Destin Pilates & Aerial Center

36150 Emerald Coast Parkway, Set 108

Destin, FL  32541


Always innovative and ahead of the curve, Susan Authement Dunnam of Destin Pilates and Aerial has been a pioneer on the Emerald Coast bringing fresh and exciting ways to keep in shape and have fun while doing it. Susan's entrepreneurial spirit and willingness to search and develop has never stopped since moving to Destin in Spring of 2009. Susan has the longest running  successful Pilates studio in Destin and was also the first to bring many health and wellness ( concepts) such as Ballet Barre , Aerial Hammock /Silks, The Rossiter Stretch System and now Bungee Jump Fitness to the area. 

" I have always been very active and body being raised in a tennis family and my father Vince was a very successfull, courageous and determined business man who taught me that nothing was impossible if you set your mind to it and work hard to achieve it. I live by the adage that we don't stop playing because be get old but we get old because we stop playing! I turn 55 this year and it in now way means I am slowing down because I am just getting started. I discovered the incredible conditioning system know as Pilates in 1995 by accident while living in Aspen, Co and I have never looked back. I am stronger and more flexible in my body now than I was in my 20s and that has allowed me to get creative in my workouts. We have a wide variety of classes I have created at the studio all designed for a variety of reasons. Last year I created The Restorative Pilates Stretch with essential oils to help people relax , slow down and go within themselves all while listening to Praise music.  This year I decided to create something completely different which is all the way on the other end of the spectrum, The Bungee Jump  Class. This class is a high octane and fast paced with 1970s and 1980s music cranked. All the classes that I have created have a common goal in mind. They all help you lose track of time and feel like a kid again." 

The Bungee Jump is an adrenaline rush class that start by warming up on  the Pilates Reformer ,a strengthening and stretching machine that is Pilates main piece of equipment. Then we go on to the Rebounder where we start getting the heart rate up and next to the Bungee Jump Harnesses. 

What to expect

Gravity Defying Workout

Adrenaline Rush Experience 

Rapid Fat Burning

Maximized Core Strengthening

Strength and Endurance Training

Flexibility And Balance Training

After we finish the Bungee part of class we move over to the Pilates Springboards for more strength trying and then we slow it down on the roam rollers for stretching.

These classes and private sessions have become very popular with our long time second home clients and with travelers since the closest Bungee classes are 7 hrs away.  I talk to the clients before hand to get harness sizes and then we discuss any details so I can customize the class for the best experience possible. I am a firm believer in the fact that Movement Heals and at Destin Pilates and Aerial we make sure of it!


Cool Factors: 

Gravity-defying workout, adrenaline rush experience, rapid fat burning, strength, endurance, flexibility and balance training