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Coolest Ice Cream

Frozen Dune Rolled Ice Cream and Coffee


Love ice cream but want to try something new? Head on over to Frozen Dune to try some rolled ice cream and coffee. 

Rolled ice cream? Yes!  Also known as stir-fried ice cream, a mixture of milk, cream and sugar is poured onto an ice-cold metal plate to freeze. Then, your choice of ingredients and toppings - a selection varying from Oreos, strawberries or marshmallows - is mixed in and the ice cream is smoothed flat across the metal plate. Slowly, the ice cream is scraped off in thin spiraling curls and rolls, compiling it all into a cup ready to share.

The owner of the Frozen Dune restaurant was first introduced to Thailand’s stir-fried ice cream in New York City. This unique frozen dessert immediately became popular in the northeastern United States in 2015. While living in Destin, the owner missed the delicious ice cream treat, so lucky for us, he decided to bring this delicacy to the Emerald Coast.

Frozen Dune also serves something else very unique to our coast. How about your picture in a milk foam drink! All you have to do is order one of the fruity-flavored black teas with milk foam. The staff will then take a photo of you, your kiddo, you pet, whatever, and the printer zaps the picture on the foam! It’s magic! Pretty cool right?

This is great place for something new. Located on Old Highway 98 right across from the beach in Miramar, Frozen Dune is the perfect stop after a sunny day of swimming on the coast.  All smiles at Frozen Dune.

Cool Factors:              Rolled Thai ice cream, Selfie on your drink, Customization of your treat, Fun to watch them make your dessert

2052 Scenic Gulf Dr. Unit 103

Miramar Beach, Florida

(850) 842-4777

Coolest Step Back In Time

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 10.47.47 AM.png


What do you get from some buddies that want to bring back an old landmark that meant so much to them when they were in high school? You get Suds-N-Cinema!  

Suds-N-Cinema is the only locally-owned and operated theater on the Emerald Coast. It is the latest incarnation of a theater business in a building that was originally constructed in 1940. The theater, built and owned by John Tringas, was one of the first buildings on what was then called Main Street in downtown Fort Walton.

For decades, the Tringas family operated the Tringas Theater, and it was the only place around to take in a movie. But, over time, new theaters came to the area.  Multiple screens, larger concessions selections, and more modern technology meant that the theater needed to revise its business model in order to stay around.

 Through the years the business has been known by several names: Suds-N-Cinema, Cinema Plus, Downtown Cinema Plus, and even a brief stint as Apples Disco.  Each of these businesses put their own slant on the movie/pizza/beer theme, but none made significant changes that really set them apart from their predecessors.

 That is changing at this very moment as those old high school friends are preparing to open the doors to Suds-N-Cinema. As a team, they converted the building into one that has a combination of Art Deco and Soda Fountain motif. The facility is more comfortable, the aesthetics more enjoyable, there are more food options, and the theater can once again show multiple movies each week.

 Cool Factors:  A step back in time, oldest theater on the Emerald Coast, Have a brewski or wine, some food and sit at a table with chairs with your family and friends. 

174 Highway 98 SE

Fort Walton Beach, FL. 32548

850-226-SUDS (7837) 

Coolest Fastest Way to Get Around Town

Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 2.08.53 PM.png

Electric Bikes!

Coastal Cruisers

Pedego Electric Bikes

Big Daddy Bikes

Birds, Limes and Jumps. You can easily pick up these electric scooters in big cities all across the country.  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately as some might think), these scooters are not readily available to us here On the Coast. What IS available, though, are electric bikes! And we are super fans of them.

Electric bikes allow you to tour all our coastal towns in a day and get a real feel for each little area unique to our coast. Not only are there so many paths to ride on, but you can also stop at each quaint town and spend time shopping or enjoying the great flavors of the many restaurants and coffee houses that preside along 30A. 

Electric bikes make it so easy to travel around Sandestin too. Touring along Miramar Beach from the Silver Sands Outlet all the way to the Brooks Bridge makes for a great day now that there are sidewalks and bike paths the whole way. It sure does beat being in a car or in some cases riding manual bikes where the heat just gets to you after a while! Parking is a breeze too.  

You can pick up electric bikes at many locations On the Coast. We suggest you call ahead and reserve them because carriers have a limited supply! 

Cool factors: You don’t have to pedal the whole time, Cover a lot of distance, quickly, Gets you outdoors and active

Coastal Cruisers

12605 Emerald Coast Pkwy

Miramar Beach


Pedego Electric Bikes

174 Watercolor Way #106

Santa Rosa Beach


Big Daddy Bikes

2217 West 30A

Santa Rosa Beach