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Frozen Dune Rolled Ice Cream and Coffee


Love ice cream but want to try something new? Head on over to Frozen Dune to try some rolled ice cream and coffee. 

Rolled ice cream? Yes!  Also known as stir-fried ice cream, a mixture of milk, cream and sugar is poured onto an ice-cold metal plate to freeze. Then, your choice of ingredients and toppings - a selection varying from Oreos, strawberries or marshmallows - is mixed in and the ice cream is smoothed flat across the metal plate. Slowly, the ice cream is scraped off in thin spiraling curls and rolls, compiling it all into a cup ready to share.

The owner of the Frozen Dune restaurant was first introduced to Thailand’s stir-fried ice cream in New York City. This unique frozen dessert immediately became popular in the northeastern United States in 2015. While living in Destin, the owner missed the delicious ice cream treat, so lucky for us, he decided to bring this delicacy to the Emerald Coast.

Frozen Dune also serves something else very unique to our coast. How about your picture in a milk foam drink! All you have to do is order one of the fruity-flavored black teas with milk foam. The staff will then take a photo of you, your kiddo, you pet, whatever, and the printer zaps the picture on the foam! It’s magic! Pretty cool right?

This is great place for something new. Located on Old Highway 98 right across from the beach in Miramar, Frozen Dune is the perfect stop after a sunny day of swimming on the coast.  All smiles at Frozen Dune.

Cool Factors:              Rolled Thai ice cream, Selfie on your drink, Customization of your treat, Fun to watch them make your dessert

2052 Scenic Gulf Dr. Unit 103

Miramar Beach, Florida

(850) 842-4777